Welcome to the help pages of the OpenEnviroMap (OEM). These pages were created to help you get started in understanding how to effectively use the OpenEnviroMap (OEM) in finding and displaying key feature data of the map. The navigation menu to the left covers key topics and functional tools of the map. Click on a category and begin learning!

Disclaimer: the data provided on New Mexico Environment Department in these web maps are provided for orientation only. They are not to be used for professional services, publications, or legal actions.

The Department endeavors to provide complete, current, and correct data to the best of its abilities. However the data depicted here are not updated in real time and the last update for each layer of information is different. The data may have errors and omissions.

For the most current, complete, and correct data, please contact the Department with an IPRA request.

Note that the scale and projection of the web map introduces distortion in both distance and shape to depictions of data as well as features drawn on the map by the user.

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